Tenerife has a world of things to discover. From a fantastic climate, with blue skies and sunny days all year round to stunning natural scenery that includes the ocean, lush forests and of course the unmistakable peak of Mount Teide. There is also delicious cuisine to explore, with exquisite local dishes and more than 70 wineries producing superb wines with mineral notes from Tenerife’s unique volcanic soil.

The island is also home to some of the world’s best attractions such as water parks and zoos, as well as a host of other activities for families, couples and singles. All these attractions make it almost impossible to enjoy everything in one trip, unless, of course, that trip lasts an entire year. And that’s exactly why Spring Hotels, the experts on Tenerife, is offering you just that! We know Tenerife netter than anyone and really want you to experience the island to the max. So, we are giving you the chance to win one year’s stay in our hotel for FREE. GRATIS. Take part now and you’ll have your chance to experience Tenerife like never before.

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